To sexpress; a sexpression, according to the urban dictionary:

1.Convey (a sexual thought or feeling) in words or by gestures and conduct
1. The process of making known one’s sexual thoughts or feelings.
2. The conveying of sexual opinions publicly without interference by the government: “freedom of sexpression”.

This is not a blog about sex. This is a blog about our freedoms and limitations. But sex is a part of all that.

Sex has often been the central controversial topic when it comes to freedom of expression. I can’t tell you why is that. Maybe because sex is fascinating or maybe because it is part of everyone’s daily lives. But there is no right way to have sex – at least I am not aware of it. There is no book written about the ‘correct’ position, or the ‘correct’ level of passion, or the ‘correct’ price of it (or no price). Therefore sex is open to discussion – therefore opening one of the most interesting and juiciest discussions out there.

Our sexuality is there because of our human biology. The same way all animals tend to seek out sex, humans are driven by the same instincts. Our sexuality is therefore natural, and is part of our biological framework. However, there is a great number of cultural restraints –  our environments dictates how  to feel about our sexuality, how to express it, and who to express it to. As Edward Shorter states, “to be sure, what people actually experience is always a mixture of biological and social conditioning: Desire surges from the body, the mind interprets what society will accept and what not, and the rest of the signals are edited out by culture”.

Therefore there is a big discussion about the appropriate way to talk about sex, and the appropriate amount images displaying sexual conduct that we may be exposed to. The idea of the ‘forbidden’ goes a long way back – one could associate it with Eve having a bite from the forbidden tree. However, outside of that perfect little paradise there is no way to distinguish the free from the forbidden. Some might argue that in that case everything should be free. Some might say, that some limitations are necessary. Where is the line between sexual texts and images that can be exposed to masses, and the ones that are limited? This is just one of the questions I am addressing in this blog. Using examples from previous cases, controversies of the topic, and interesting opinions that have been expressed towards this issue, I will do my best to examine the freedom of sexpression that we currently enjoy, and the restrictions that we fall under.

This is not a blog about sex. This is a blog about our freedom.


Oh, and remember – even if you don’t agree with what I have to say, or even if it is wrong – I should still have the rights to say it, shouldn’t I?


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