As we have seen, the laws restricting sexually explicit material are rather ambiguous, as well as the general attitude towards sex is very subjective. However, there are issues that go even further than just sexual expression. There are specific restrictions on many taboo topics regarding sex. Some of them are considered serious crimes, while others are becoming more and more integrated into society. Homosexuality and masturbation, as an example are both taboo concepts, but are becoming more and more integrated into today’s arts and entertainment movements. Homosexuality is also in the middle of the legal fight.

Therefore we can see that freedom of sexuality is a highly debated topic that has many angles to it. We currently still live in a heteronormative society where monogamy is the appreciated model of relationships. This existing model is restricting towards the minority groups that exercise different sexual practices. The majority’s opinion and expression is more appreciated, leaving the minorities wondering to find the appropriate venue for their expression. As a society, we have the right to sexuality and we should be free from discrimination in regards to our sexual preferences. However, the minorities still undergo oppression to some extent, while countries like Uganda practice oppression towards homosexuals to an unbelievable extent.

The taboo concepts are just some of the examples of the cases that are undergoing unproportionally minimal coverage in the public discussion forum. Even the speech that is protected from the legal standpoint is not exercised because of the public norms and mainstream views of people. The lack of information is misshaping society’s views and prohibiting a discovery of more knowledge in the area of sexuality. All truth and societal norms should be questioned in a perfect society, making them questionable and aiding in discovery of little bits of knowledge that have been lacking from the times when the norms were initially formed.


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