For further sex explorations..

In this blog post I will provide a list of web sources that provide information on freedom of sexpression. These are basically the websites that have been sitting in my bookmarks list for a while now, waiting to be forwarded and shared. – an interesting article, written from the Australian perspective. Defends one’s freedom of speech by criticizing the restrictions on R, X and RC content. – a short article written on sexual expression in art. It explains the role that sex plays in art and debates whether it is tasteful of tacky. – an article about freedom of speech in arts and entertainment. It touches upon many issues regarding the entertainment industry and questions whether media violence is a threat to our society. It also summarizes studies on the relationship between media violence and real violence, which is still an arguable debate. – a news article summarizing one of the cases regarding sexual expression in art – about a Minister who comments on exhibition of photographic images of a homosexual couple, calling it pornography. – a website providing the legal standpoint of obscenity and pornography, attempting to explain the restrictions and comment on the limitations of speech in regards to sexually explicit material. – an article attempting to define art and pornography and trying to distinguish if the latter can be seen as a valuable material. The author underlines the moral and ethical implications that can distract the viewers, not allowing them to see the artistic meaning in a work.

There are many more interesting internet sources on the topic, some of them are underlined as links in my posts, providing a large platform of resources for anyone further interested in the topic.


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